Bosch Service Center

What does it matter if the shop is a Bosch Service Center?

Let’s break it down:

  • Your car is made with several Bosch parts straight off the manufacturing line.
  • Bosch is the largest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of car parts in the world.

Here are a few common parts that Bosch supplies in newly manufactured vehicles:

+ Alternators and Starters
+ Batteries
+ Brakes
+ Oxygen Sensors
+ Spark Plugs

It was ahead of its time in 1978, when it introduced the world’s first mass-produced antilock braking system, on the Mercedes S-class.

Bosch is now the leader in antilock brakes and supplies 30% of the 46 million global ABS systems installed in new vehicles worldwide. That is almost one third of all the new cars on the road!

In 1886, it was Robert Bosch who founded the “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering” in Stuttgart Germany. This was the beginning of Bosch and the clear intention for precision.

All Bosch Service centers must pass a rigorous evaluation to be accepted to the program, and are frequently inspected to make sure the high Bosch standards are being maintained. This ensures that customers will receive reliable maintenance and repair, with exemplary customer service, whenever they visit a Bosch Service center.

Trust begins with your experience.
You trusted your car when it was new, and when parts wear out, you deserve the replacement parts that are meant for your specific car.

Duncan’s European Automotive was chosen to be a Bosch Service center because our vision makes us stand out.
We also align with Bosch’s vision, which creates more transparency.

We trust Bosch because it is a company that puts integrity and safety first.